Life in the Trap is ideal for golf club newsletters, magazines, websites and other golf publications. Below are some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many strips will I get each month? You will receive two Life in the Trap strips each month. One will be a new and original Life in the Trap strip and the other one will be a classic Life in the Trap strip from the past.

2. Does it cost anything? Life in the Trap does not cost anything for syndication. It is free! Life in the Trap benefits our non-profit (MUST) so as Life in the Trap grows MUST gets more exposure.

3. What formats will be emailed to me? You will receive a color jpg file for your web publications and two pdf files, one color and one black and white, for your printed publications.

4. May I catalog or accumulate Life in the Trap comics? No. You may put Life in the Trap in your publication (newsletter, e-newsletter, magazine… etc.) or put it in individual posts on your website, but you may not gather the Life in the Trap comics you receive from month to month and put them in one place on your website or in your other publications. The only place Life in the Trap comics may be accumulated is on the Life in the Trap website and its social media platforms.

5. If I do not have a newsletter, magazine, website or other golf publication can I still have Life in the Trap emailed to me each month? You bet! Just type ‘Individual’ in the Name of Publication field below and you will be emailed LITT each month. Thank you!


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