Life Out of the Trap

Life in the Trap exists to bring humor to the golf world but it also exists to financially support Life Out of the TrapLife Out of the Trap supports the mentoring program M.U.S.T. (Mentoring Urban Students and Teens). Life in the Trap’s creator, Rick Newell, was greatly impacted by mentoring when he was in high school.  After working at an inner-city community center for many years Newell saw a lot of the youth he cared about drop out of high school and get into serious trouble.  Newell started a mentoring program to help these youth in the same way he was helped in high school.  All proceeds from Life in the Trap are directed toward Life Out of the Trap.


Life Out of the Trap’s Mission: to help young men who are at risk of dropping out of high school to successfully complete their secondary education, graduate on time, obtain a four-year college degree, mature as a man, and reach their full potential.

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