Life in the Trap
A golf comic strip.

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Kelvin and ElijahM.U.S.T.

Life in the Trap exists to support a mentoring program called MUST (Mentoring Urban Students and Teens). Thank you for your support!

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Clay is the best golfer of the group and is best friend to Duff. Golf is Clay’s life. All possible energies are poured into his habit and he is a continual temptation to Duff. It is no wonder then that Clay is single and lives with his dog Birdy.

Duff is an unabashed golf addict. Out of the foursome of golfers he is the second best golfer and Clay’s best friend. He is married to Rosie and has the arduous task of trying to fit his life into his golf schedule. Duff cuts every corner and saves every penny to squeeze in one more game of golf.

Rosie is Duff’s long-suffering wife. She runs the home, works full-time, pays the bills, maintains a life of her own, becomes pregnant, begins to raise a baby (two if you count Duff), and takes on the most difficult task of all… trying to keep Duff as much involved in the process as possible. Her major tug-of-war is with Clay, Duff’s best friend, who is continually after him to chase that little white ball.

Putts is far and away the worst golfer of the bunch. A bad slice, a hard marriage, and a short temper make for quite a combustible combination on the golf course. Despite his struggles in life and on the course, Putts keeps coming back for more. He is loyal to his wife, his buddies and to the game.

Carrie is the local golf pro. Being smart, beautiful and a scratch golfer can be a tough pill for the guys to swallow, but she still dishes this medicine out to them each week. Clay will not rest until he beats her and the other guys give her a hard time. Carrie takes it all in stride and makes the boys better golfers in the process.

Dimples offers the perspective of the golf ball. How would you like to be smacked around 80 times in one day?